• “Upon our introduction to the Life’s Onion, the clinical leadership was intrigued by the enormous potential the Life’s Onion could have on our patient’s understanding of core issues and how it may be used as an ongoing management tool post discharge. The Life’s Onion Group has given participants a framework to understand the process of peeling away feelings and thoughts that can contribute to self-destructive behaviors and ultimately return to an addictive based lifestyle, if not resolved. In addition, it provides the primary therapist an additional intervention tool to achieve treatment planning goals and discharge planning needs. Finally, the group members have bonded quicker, as they have had a common path to achieve their individual needs”

    Allen Goodstat, LCSW
    Lakeview Health, LLC
    Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

  • “When I was asked to pilot a new and special group with Lakeview Health Systems, I was both honored and excited to take part! Life’s Onion is a great tool that assisted in recognizing and understanding underlying behavioral and addiction issues. With each group patients were able to “peel back layers” and identify self-destructive behaviors, allowing for healing and understanding of character defects that lead them to their addiction. I believe with the understanding and identification of these issues, the patients were able to take more responsibility for their actions, leading to better communication, improved self-esteem and overall better coping skills. The best part about Life’s Onion is that it is a hands-on tool, allowing for the patients to see, hold and explore their inner self. It also allows for each patient to take home with them a reminder of their hard work through their recovery. I would recommend this tool for patients wanting to go deeper and truly looking for change in their life albeit for addiction or other self destructive behaviors. I also recommend this for any clinician looking for a tool to help their patients explore intangible issues using a framework that is tangible.”

    Tara Newton, MS, IMHC

  • “I am very excited about the program and believe patients learned valuable information about their core issues. I am hoping we are able to keep the program running. I have had patients ask if they can join so obviously they are excited about it as well!”

    Patty Mohler, MS, IMHC
    Stepping Stone Center for Recovery

How Life’s Onion Enhanced Treatment
What Clients Liked Most About Life’s Onion
Value of Life’s Onion in Group Therapy
Value of Life’s Onion Post Discharge

How Life’s Onion Enhanced Treatment

  • It’s been an eye opener to my actual deep down issues that I have in my life. A very valuable tool.
  • The Onion Group was the most valuable part of my treatment program. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to participate.
  • The Onion Group allowed me to get to the core issues that have been developed since childhood and have been defined I recognized as addicted behaviors.
  • After attending previous rehab, the learning experience made this one of most life changing events I have ever experienced!
  • Before I came to treatment I was unaware that I even had core issues. Now with my new knowledge I can work on these to improve my life.
  • I feel the Onion Group gave me the best therapy of all the treatment I have received.
  • Easier to visualize the process.
  • Helped me more than the regular therapy group. It digs and probes the feelings underneath and gets you to the root of your issue.
  • Helped me discover more about my inner-self.
  • I can get to the core of whats up with me within.
  • It allows time to disect my character defects and how to cope with them.
  • It has helped me gain a better understanding of my core issues.
  • It has taught me to dig deeper into myself.
  • Made me aware of my core issues and how they relate to my addictive personality.
  • More communication with core issues, more of a therapeutic value.
  • Understanding the concept of core issues and how they relate to schemas.
  • It’s another group/session that I can talk about and learn some reasons why I drink/drug. Learn core issues; learn about myself.

How Life’s Onion Enhanced Treatment
What Clients Liked Most About Life’s Onion
Value of Life’s Onion in Group Therapy
Value of Life’s Onion Post Discharge

What Clients Liked Most About Life’s Onion

  • Hands on; visual; thought provoking.
  • It allows you to look at both sides of the problem; the problem/solution.
  • It gave me an opportunity to go deeper into why I was repeating a vicious cycle. The comfortable atmosphere that the therapist set made me more willing to share and open up. The chance to get to the root cause of “why” I continue in addiction.
  • I like how we go over each layer in class and disect all of the emotions that go along with peeling my onion.
  • Exploration of self Self realizations.
  • I like that I understood my peels/and could relate on a deeper level.
  • The tightness of a small group. -That we could all add and comment on an individual’s behavior or their emotions to help them and us. – How the onion works. – The intensity of the therapy. – It breaks the walls down so we get our emotions out.
  • The therapist was phenomenal. She incorporated the tools physical and metaphorical in order to help her patients to understand and open up whats working in the group and how we might apply these tools later in everyday life.
  • This group allowed me to identify my deepest core issues and develop a strategy to mitigate them. Without the extensive exploration I did in the Onion Group, I think many of my issues would have remained unidentified.
  • Small group therapy The Onion itself (petals removable) The digging deep into a person The Onion templates The trust in opening up The knowledge I left with.
  • Makes you get to the root of your problem; makes you think without running away from whats wrong with you; keeps you thinking and thinking. It’s great.
  • I liked the way the schema’s in identifying the core issues that contributed to my addiction.
  • Understanding the layer concept.
  • The outer layer in reference to myself and pulling back each layer in reference to my outer layer getting into the deeper issues of myself.
  • The intensity of first seeking my schemas was profound. The knowledge of narrowing down my Primary Schema as difficult.
  • I have learned some core issues I have. I really got to think about these issues and I normally wouldn’t have done that.
  • For me it broke down a format that showed me my core issues.
  • The instructor The interaction and openness The constructive criticism.

How Life’s Onion Enhanced Treatment
What Clients Liked Most About Life’s Onion
Value of Life’s Onion in Group Therapy
Value of Life’s Onion Post Discharge

Value of Life’s Onion in Group Therapy

  • The onion group provided me a chance for me to look over my core issues with a great visual aid.
  • The best therapy I received in my whole 42 days. The therapist was awesome!
  • I personally think this should be presented in every recovery center. It was an honor to be in the Onion Group.
  • The Onion was the best type of therapy I have ever received. The intensity of the meetings really helped you to dig deep. The atmosphere was excellent right down the the therapist’s voice.
  • The group allowed me to be 100% honest with myself and be vulnerable and dare greatly. It has helped lead me down an honest and healthy path.
  • The Onion Group gave me a perspective on my personality that I don’t think I could have obtained through any other form of therapy. I believe that the things I learned about myself will be critical in maintaining my sobriety.
  • Life’s Onion as far as I got in it helped me see how my core issues intersect into my character defects and also helped me be more honest and interactive with my peers.
  • Life’s Onion has really let myself forgive the shame and guilt. Also the resentment that I have been shouldering for so long.
  • I learned things that I didn’t know about myself or I didn’t want to face. It helped me find the problem and a solution.
  • Onion Group helped me identify the issues that previously prevented my growth emotionally and spiritually.
  • The Onion Group helped with my major core issues and made me realize a lot about myself.
  • Due to my forthcoming discharge, I was able to get to the bottom of my core schema. Now that I see that my core schema is abandonment, I have to address my avoidance’s, compensations and my fears. I have furture plans to develop a new set of coping skills.
  • I believe the onion group opened my eyes to the reasons why I drug/drink.
  • Life is like an onion…You peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you cry. When I get what I need, I invariably find that it was just what I wanted all the time.
  • The Onion Group helped me to discover what’s inside of me, thereby helping me get to the core. Once that was found, it explained my behaviors and actions and why I used alcohol.
  • The onion group has assisted me by helping me to identify some, if not all of my core issues.
  • I really enjoyed the onion group. It has helped me during the last few weeks to understand more of my behaviors and thoughts. I have been able to reconcile certain thoughts and behaviors.I think this is beneficial for my recovery process. Thanks!
  • It was very interesting and helpful. The therapist did an amazing job instructing and helping us find and explore different ways to do it.
  • Opened my mind to a whole new world that I didn’t know existed.

How Life’s Onion Enhanced Treatment
What Clients Liked Most About Life’s Onion
Value of Life’s Onion in Group Therapy
Value of Life’s Onion Post Discharge

Value of Life’s Onion Post Discharge

  • I believe the onion is a tool that should be utilized in all rehabs.
  • I even inquired about continuing this therapy post-discharge.
  • Having the knowledge of myself so when I crave I can really identify my feelings and what’s causing them.
  • I think that the ability to look at my onion on a regular basis will be a great way to be reminded of my core issues and the coping skills I need to practice to deal with them.
  • It showed me where character defects and repetitive cycles that I will have to use these tools on to live a better life.
  • Being able to take what I’ve been able to learn and implementing it in current counseling.
  • I now understand what my many core issues are and wouldn’t know these if not for this group.
  • Yes, because I have to think about things instead of just acting on them.
  • Knowledge of my base issues will assist me in not relapsing by allowing me to be vigilant in my recovery.
  • The onion helped break down why we do and act a certain way. The core essentially explained us and therefore help ourselves to control, change, and treat our negatives.
  • Need more time with the onion and with group sharing.