General Use Support Materials

Below are supplemental support materials designed to be used in conjunction with Life’s Onion personal development tool. The planning workbook and easel pads are for the planning phase of any Life’s Onion project and can be used to incorporate the tool into any type of workshop, program, or group activity.

Personal Planning Workbook Life’s Onion Personal Planning Workbook
This Life’s Onion Workbook is intended to help you keep track of your progress and to plan the physical design for your actual onion. Individuals will work in a group or private setting filling in the elements of their personal Life’s Onion in the workbook before writing on their actual onion. The Personal Planning Workbook will be included free with your first Life’s Onion order.
Life's Onion Clinician Easel Pads Life’s Onion Easel Pad
Easel Pads picturing a Life’s Onion template are available for use with any kind of group activity. Each 25×30 pad has 40 pages with self-adhesive strips on the back. Available for purchase at

Therapeutic Use Support Materials

The remaining support materials apply specifically to implementing Life’s Onion into therapeutic practices and treatment facilities. These materials give clinicians a common framework for session planning, client assessment, and data collection.

Life's Onion Quick Start Summary Life’s Onion Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide covers the essentials of getting your first Life’s Onion group up and running easily. You can download a 1 page summary here. The complete 4 page Guide will be included free with your first order.
Life's Onion Use Case Summary Life’s Onion Use Case Scenarios
The Use Case Scenarios are intended to help you get Life’s Onion started with your existing clients. It describes how Life’s Onion is used clinically to help people who suffer from a variety of mental and behavioral health issues, as well as those with co-occurring disorders. Free download.
download1 Life’s Onion Implementation Guide
Written for the Group Facilitator, this is a more extensive guide which covers a number of Best Practices for planning and conducting group sessions with Life’s Onion. The guide includes a Participant Planning Template and suggestions for introducing Life’s Onion to group therapy activity participants. Download the summary here. The full Guide will be included free with your first order.
Access Surveys Life’s Onion Survey and Reporting
The Life’s Onion Survey is available online to help you identify the key benefits of the Life’s Onion and measure client satisfaction with the tool and/or group. Group member feedback can be used to determine additional planning needs. Access to the Survey and reporting tools is included free with Life’s Onion.