Looking at Life’s Onion it might be easy to underestimate its ability to impact therapeutic success rates. But don’t be fooled, Life’s Onion is no mere trinket, memento, or simple embodiment of a therapeutic catch phrase: it is a powerful tool developed through rigorous research and clinical testing. As a therapeutic tool, Life’s Onion was determined unique and innovative enough to be awarded a patent (US patent #8,636,518). Life’s Onion and its support materials are built on best practices and emerging research in the fields of cognitive behavioral therapy, labeling theory; methods of personal disclosure such as journaling and group therapy; as well as expressive therapies including writing therapy and art therapy.

Read our whitepaper to learn more about the development of the Life’s Onion therapeutic tool and its support materials. You will gain a better understanding of how they can be used in conjunction with any therapeutic modality: