What is Life’s Onion?

Studies show that people retain information longer, and more readily grasp new ideas, when they write them down. Life’s Onion® is a tool that anyone can use to memorialize their progress through self-help, professional development, and counseling programs.

It increases engagement by turning what are usually intangible processes into palpable action – writing down progress and literally peeling away the layers of Life’s Onion and bending them back to reveal the petals of a flower. It provides a physical, visible reminder of the path of discovery that remains long after the original process has ended.

Life’s Onion® is a handheld, onion-shaped device with 3 layers of 4 peels each, 12 total. The peels/petals are made of a soft, pliable, non-toxic material, and are available in both natural color and pink. They can be removed, replaced, and exchanged – and can be written on or decorated on both sides with sharpie markers.

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How is Life’s Onion Used?

Life’s Onion® is based on the popular metaphor of “Peeling away the layers of the onion”. It transforms this metaphor into a simple, interactive tool to help explore whatever topic you choose. It is designed to get to the core or the heart of a topic, encouraging the user to start on the surface layer of a subject or issue and work their way down through the layers to get at deeper meaning and deeper understanding.

And that is not the only way to use Life’s Onion®. It can be applied to any methodology or subject area, any area of personal or professional development. It’s a touchstone, an outline, a shorthand journal, a goal setter, a puzzle, a focal point, a framework, an activator, a reminder, an art project… with uses limited only by the imagination.

In addition to the tool itself, there are a number of support materials designed to integrate Life’s Onion into any program, workshop, or treatment group. These include a workbook for planning an onion before writing or drawing on the actual peels or petals and easel board sized pads of graphical Life’s Onions for working in groups. In addition to these supplements, there are additional materials which specifically address how to use Life’s Onion in clinical, therapeutic environments. These include a Quick Start Guide for group therapy activities, a use case scenarios sheet for treatment approaches, and an Implementation Guide for treatment facilities.

Uses of Life's Onion Therapeutic Tool

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Who Uses Life’s Onion?

Life’s Onion® can be immediately incorporated into virtually all current therapy, counseling, personal and professional development, and self-help programs and protocols. No aspect of Life’s Onion interrupts any existing processes or techniques. In many cases, it acts as a major enhancement to existing activities for children and adults by functioning as a physical touchstone in an otherwise conceptual process.

Life’s Onion® can be used in the treatment of psychological and psychiatric disorders, behavioral health and addiction recovery, grief and depression counseling, and all other areas of mental and behavioral health counseling. It is also effective in use with youth counseling, life coaching, business consulting, personal and professional development workshops, and self-help programs.

If you are interested using Life’s Onion® in a counseling or therapeutic setting, click to see the benefits, read personal and professional testimonials, download our whitepaper, or view the videos.

Who uses the Life's Onion Therapeutic Tool

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How do I Stay Informed?

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